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Welcome to the online home of Elpis Global Education!  Since our inception in 2002, we have been providing various educational services to students in Mississauga and across the Greater Toronto Area.

We pride ourselves on helping students and parents create academic paths that lead to success in school, the workforce, and the global community.  We are not your average learning centre: we go beyond what others can or are willing to do because we care more about our students being successful in whatever goal they choose to pursue.  Some of our students come to us very early in their elementary-school careers, and we work with them until their graduation from university or college.  Others require our assistance in passing a course or applying to post-secondary school, which we are happy to help with, too.  We even have students who come to us because they want more challenges or opportunities to thrive than their day schools provide.  Our staff and faculty do whatever we can to ensure our students are successful.

Everyone has a unique path to success, and at Elpis Global Education, we don’t just help you achieve your goals, we highlight various options you didn’t even know existed, and we shed light onto perspectives you never even considered.  We believe that being successful entails hard work, resilience, passion, and plain of knowledge.

When you become part of the Elpis Global Education family, you will be successful because we care about you being successful.  This is what makes us different from everyone else.

Thanks for visiting our site … We hope to see you in person soon!

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