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    From the time that Elpis was founded, it has always been dedicated to fostering the needs of gifted and advanced students. By being focused primarily on student enrichment, Elpis Academy is able to provide supplemental material and training to those students who feel under-challenged in a regular classroom setting.


    Our classes provide work that is above his or her grade level. We offer introductions to concepts that, under normal circumstances, a student would not encounter for another few months or even years. Thus, our students are given enriching material that build on the foundations that they have already grasped.


    We firmly implant the fundamental skills that are so important to overall academic performance by challenging students to go beyond and to apply what they have learned to more thought-provoking and stimulating problems. Because we focus on building on the foundations that students already have, we can find ways to draw out their hidden talents and potential to excel.

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Our courses are designed to give students a peek at the type of material that they will encounter at school.
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