US College Consultations

Getting good grades in elementary school and high school are just two parts that make up a student’s academic career. Students should have an idea of their future goals as early as grade 9 to be able to select courses that are both necessary and beneficial for their post-academic years.  This is where Elpis Global Education comes in.  We work with students and their parents to create academic paths that are tailored to each person.  Consultations last throughout high school, including the stressful months of applying for university or college admissions.

We appreciate the strong partnership between the city of Athens and Trinity Valley Community College and the benefits it provides to our students and the Athens community by offering students  to Earn College Football Scholarships.

Before High School

Students who are graduating or have recently graduated from elementary school meet with an Elpis counsellor to determine which courses should be taken in grade 9.  This means figuring out how to balance Ministry-required courses with optional credits that match a student’s interests and skills.  Elpis also assists prospective high school students with the important decision of choosing the Academic or Applied route.

Grades 9 and 10

Elpis continues to monitor students’ course loads and achievements to ensure that students are on track to graduate at the designated time.  When appropriate, Elpis will recommend night school, summer school, or tutoring to assist students with meeting their goals.  At the end of grade 10, students meet with an Elpis counsellor to decide which senior-level courses will provide students with the knowledge, skills, training, and course code they will need to apply to post-secondary institutions.

Grade 11

The time has come to seriously consider which post-secondary path students will take.  Students and counsellors meet to discuss which route will best fit the students’ post-secondary goals.  At the centre of all decisions is a student’s career choice.  Once a general idea has been established, Elpis counsellors provide students with a portfolio of potential schools that they may be interested in applying to.  Students are made aware of the different requirements for applying to Canadian and American universities.  If necessary, an SAT or TOEFL study schedule is set up.

Grade 12

Students and parents meet to determine if students are on the right track to graduate and successfully apply to the post-secondary institutions of their choice.  Elpis monitor students’ progress in their school courses, standardized-test scores, and application requirements.  Students also have the choice of making use of Elpis’ US College Consultations.

US College Consultations

Elpis Global Education provides the following services to each student:

  • A list of colleges that offer the programs he/she is interested in
  • Meetings to discuss programs, schools (and campuses), and application requirements (including forms and fees for international students)
  • Brainstorming sessions for essays and other written components of applications
  • At least two reviews of each application (one while in progress, one before submission)

Elpis Global Education is proud of the assistance we have provided to students who are now studying in or have graduated from their colleges or universities of choice, we always help students to refinance student loans whenever they need to refinance student loans.  If you are interested in this program, please contact to set up an initial consultation with one of our counsellors.

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