Application Help

Do you need help with applying to university or college?  Elpis Global Education can assist you to make sure that you get into the post-secondary school of your choice.

Application Steps

  1. Choose the discipline and/or program you are interested in.  Do some research to see what academic requirements and commitments each program of study needs!  Elpis will help you answer the questions you didn’t realize you needed to think about.  We will also help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of each program.
  2. Choose the schools that offer the program you’re interested in.  Do some research to see what school life is like.  There is more to a school than just the courses it offers, and Elpis will help you determine other significant factors that may affect your ultimate decision about a school and your future satisfaction from attending it.
  3. Ready to apply?  Begin the application process by knowing what it entails!  Elpis will sit with you and guide you through the various steps required to apply to each school, including providing personal information and writing essays.  We will also highlight the differences between applying to universities and colleges in Canada and in the US.
  4. Consult with an Elpis counsellor to discuss other requirements like minimum grades, standardized-test scores, forms, and fees.  We will help you find ways to upgrade your marks, perform better on standardized tests, and increase your community involvement.
  5. Start filling in your application.  As you progress through the lengthy process of applying to each school, Elpis will look over your work to ensure that you have filled in the forms correctly and adequately.
  6. Brainstorm written-component topics with an Elpis counsellor and begin writing your personal statements and essays.  Elpis will read your work, make comments, and offer suggestions to make sure your writing represents you well.
  7. Submit your applications!  Just before hitting the “submit” button, Elpis will look over your applications one last time to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Ready to start?  Contact to book an initial consultation with an Elpis counsellor.

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