Our Philosophy

Not for the self, but for the world

At Elpis Academy, we believe that knowledge, through education, is the best way to make a better world. By being in an educational facility that truly cares about development in all aspects, each student is exposed to rigorous academic and sociotactical training.  Therefore, we encourage each student to do his or her very best, trusting in the ideology that to better one’s self is also to better the world.


Elpis Academy is built on the philosophy of Roots.

Elpis Academy is a learning centre that teaches basic concepts to solve all types of problem, as roots are the basis of learning. 

Elpis Academy is a learning centre that builds on academic foundation, as roots are the cornerstone of knowledge. 

Elpis Academy is a learning centre that presents answers to student questions, as roots provide answers to academic curiosities.

At Elpis Academy, we are committed to providing all of our students with excellent standards and a fun learning environment. As such, we are constantly researching and updating our own repository to produce handouts and workbooks of high quality. We are always working “as diligently as a beaver”  to provide our students with creative lessons and helpful academic material.

The Triple-Check Method

As part of our dedication to reinforce what is learned in class, our teachers use the Triple-Check Method to make sure that each student fully understands the objectives of each lesson and the concepts that need to be grasped.

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    Check One

    Students understand previous concepts through quizzes, tests, and/or homework from previous class.

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    Check Two

    Students learn new concepts from the main lecture.

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    Check Three

    Students confirm the lessons of that day by presenting it to others.

Elpis Global Education Mississauga & Oakville Learning Centre
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