First-Year-University Preparation

Are you starting university classes this September? Would you like to get a head start on your classmates? Elpis Academy can help you get the training you need to succeed in your first year!

Many students who graduate from high school with honours are unable to do as well in university because they get started on the wrong foot. Elpis Academy will help make your transition to campus life easier by giving you the skills you need to succeed.

Our U. PREP. classes are taught by teachers who have experienced the rigours of campus life and who have not only graduated unscathed but who thrived in post-secondary environments. We will focus on the two core subjects of English and math, upon which most degrees depend. By taking our classes, we can guarantee that you will not be surprised about the workload and academic demands of your institution.

Our classes prepare you for the demands of university academics in the following areas:


  • Reading en masse
  • University-level¬†writing
  • Note-taking
  • Citing resources (MLA, APA)


  • Calculus for science and engineering
  • Linear algebra
  • Algebra and geometry
Elpis Global Education Mississauga & Oakville Learning Centre
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