SSAT and SAT Examinations

Elpis Academy’s Test Preparation Program leads students through the motions of preparing for and writing the SSAT and SAT Examinations. Our teachers—who have been trained specifically to lead this program—implement three stages in order to provide the most comprehensive review possible.

Stage 1: Basic Concepts & Strategies

This stage focuses on introducing students to the knowledge he or she is required to know for the exam. Each type of question from all sections of previous exams are given so that a student will never be surprised come the exam day. Furthermore, the ways in which it is possible to answer such questions are introduced. This means that students who undertake this program know the difference between answering multiple choice questions in the verbal section and the reading section as well as how these answers differ from student-produced ones. Time management issues in both preparing for and taking the exams are addressed.

Stage 2: Application

In this stage, we focus on giving students as much practice as possible in the types of questions they can expect to encounter on an actual test. This means that they must apply the strategies that were introduced in the first stage in order to do well in these questions. Students are first given a chance to complete the work on their own. The teacher then identifies the correct solutions and discusses the reasons that make the other options incorrect. Quicker and more efficient methods of arriving at the answers are also covered. In all areas, students’ accuracy and attention to detail are enforced.

Stage 3: Mock Test

Finally, we put students to the test! In simulated sessions, students undergo practice tests that encompass all the parts of the exam they will write. The same number of questions and time allowances are given in a strict atmosphere. Each student benefits from taking several mock tests as each test includes questions that are both new and modelled from previous exams. When the day comes to write their test, students feel confident in knowing exactly what to expect and knowing exactly what to do.

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