SSAT & UTS Exam Preparation

Mississauga SSAT Prep

Are you thinking of applying for admission into an independent school? The SECONDARY SCHOOL ADMISSION TEST (SSAT) is required by most private schools as part of the admission process. The test was designed to make it easier for students, parents, and teachers to determine whether a student would benefit from attending a certain school.

It takes a lot of effort and dedication to adequately prepare for the SSAT. The more time you spend preparing for it, the better your chances are of being admitted to the school of your choice! Our SSAT course gives you all the tools you need to do your best on the test. With varied material, numerous evaluations, challenging writing assignments, and demanding homework, you can be sure that you will know exactly what to do on the test and how to answer each section with confidence.

Which parts of the test do we cover?

  • READING COMPREHENSION — Learn how to skim and how to scan and when to use them!
  • SYNONYMS — Know words you will most likely be tested on. Learn how to define words you’ve never seen before!
  • ANALOGIES — Know how to answer questions and how to avoid being tricked!
  • MATHEMATICS — Learn about the concepts and types of questions that you will need to know for the test!
  • STRATEGIES — Learn how to manage your time wisely! Determine which questions to answer first, which questions to guess on, and which questions not to even attempt!
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