Administrative Staff

David Jinman Kim, Principal

Mr. Kim has a Ph.D. from York University in Pure Mathematics where his research area was on harmonic analysis on symmetric space.  He has been welcomed as a panel member by the International Math Olympiad and as a researcher by GARC.  During the 957th meeting of the American Mathematics Society, David was a speaker, presenting the Paley-Wiener and Bochner Schwartz Theorem for Bargmann Transform.  He was also honoured to be a speaker at the 4th Isaac Congress where he discussed the Schoenberg Theorem for Positive Definite Functions on Heisenberg.

Esther Kim, Counsellor

When it comes to making the office run smoothly, Elpis College relies on Ms. Kim’s expertise. She oversees everything at Elpis College and Elpis Global Education, including managing class rosters and liaising with other schools and educational institutions.  Ms. Kim also leads the educational counselling team of teachers who work together to advise students about educational goals and career paths.  She works with students to ensure that their university applications reflect their accomplishments and potentials.  Ms. Kim graduated from York University with a B.Sc. in statistics and applied math, and a M.A. in statistics and financial engineering.

Christine Hernandez, Administrative Assistant and Librarian

With a bottomless cup of coffee in hand, Ms. Hernandez assists with the day-to-day operations at Elpis College. She maintains the school calendar, student records, and inventory of print resources available at the school.  Her books-to-read pile grows at an alarming rate, and she is always happy to recommend new worlds to explore or characters to befriend.  Ms. Hernandez holds an M.Sc.Ed. in adolescent education from D’Youville College, an Hons. B.A. in English and linguistics from the University of Toronto, and an IB Diploma.

Elpis Global Education Mississauga & Oakville Learning Centre
2145 Dunwin Drive, Unit 6
Mississauga, ON, L5L 4L9